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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Spur to Creativity: How Apartment 143 Inspired Me to Make Movies

Sometimes the spur to creativity is anger.

I watched this movie tonight on Netflix tonight: Apartment 143.  The tag line says:

Hired by a family to investigate supernatural activity in their apartment, a paranormal research group find themselves haunted by a malevolent force. Their investigation is derailed as the strange manifestations become gradually more violent

It actually had several good reviews. It also had Rick Gonzalez in it.  I've enjoyed his performance in many movies and TV shows. Since I'm a big horror fan I thought I would give it a try.  No more than 10 minutes in I realized it was a complete piece of junk. 

But I kept watching.

Why? Because the more I watched this piece of crap, the more I realized I could do this.  I've never made movies before but after seeing this I realized that I could. The writing is atrocious.  Nearly all the "special effects" are pieces of furniture being moved by strings.  The character motivations are completely flawed: they changed depending on the scene. In one scene, the "Doctor" talks at length about the wonders of science. He saws there is no such thing as the supernatural; that everything can be studies as part of science. In the very next scene he says "sometimes we can't look to science for the answer". Then he brings in a psychic.

Wow.  Did they bother with a script? If so, this one was in complete need of several rewrites.

And then back to my anger.  If the director Carles Torrens has the audacity to film this garbage and release it, why don't I?  The more I watched the movie the more serious I got.  No matter how bad my first movie is it HAS to be better than this.  So often creative people are worried that their work won't be good.  And maybe it won't be.  Maybe it will be absolute drivel. But you won't get better without practice. Maybe the directors' next movie will be better.  I pray it is.

So thank you Apartment 143.  Your complete lack of quality made me want to make movies. 

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