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Friday, May 3, 2024

Quiet in the OPS - The Silence Surrounding Racism inside the Ontario Public Service


By now you have either seen or heard about Quiet on Set - the documentary film series about abuse in the workplace. You’ve seen the impact harassment has on workers and the reaction of the public to that information.


By now, you’ve also had time to consider Cohen-Kusmierczyk’s performance on the first day of providing evidence. She confidently repeated racist language in front of the arbitrator. She doubled down.


In case you have forgotten me, my name is Joseph Murphy. I am a writer, director, and until recently I had a day job with the province of Ontario. While there, I was subjected to antiblack racism. When I asked for the harassment to stop, I was fired.



My lawyer insists you have no interest in admitting error and giving me my job back. He states despite the complete lack of evidence of wrongdoing on my part, my years of service, and all the precedents of a poisoned work environment, you will still force me to litigate for another year. Or more.


Perhaps you are hoping I will just go away. I say this with as much love as possible – I am just getting started.


My podcast, Alien Brain Fog, is a science-based program focused on ending systems of oppression. I’m currently filming a feminist horror movie. In a few months I record an album of music. I am not going to disappear. You chose the wrong black man to pick on.


Your days of buying victims’ silence with tax-payer money is over. Public scrutiny is coming.


So, for the sake of my conscience, I will ask you one last time.



Are you willing to ruin your reputations and diminish your other accomplishments in life because you chose to protect a non-union manager with clear antiblack racial bias? If so, keep doing what you’re doing. And I will keep doing what I’m doing. The truth will out.


Crime is running rampant in the streets because our government is corrupt. You, the person reading this, have been involved in corruption. Paying for victims’ silence with public money could be considered corruption. Bribery. Senior officials are aware crimes are being commit and they are paying off victims to hide the crime.


Perhaps you don’t see it that way. I’m willing to be the public will.


You are aware a manager in the Windsor office has been harassing black people for years. You aware her reporting managers have been protecting her through multiple grievances. Reports to the WDHP were altered after they were signed to obfuscate the presence of racism. You fired me a few weeks before my grievance was set to begin. This is against the law. The laws you, as representatives of the crown, are required to enforce.


You have taken no action to provide a safe work environment. Instead, you fire everyone that speaks out about Cohen-Kusmiercyz and try to pay them off with public money.


I can prove every word of it. You know I can.



You took advantage of my disability, long covid. Everyone knows I caught COVID in the workplace, but I wasn’t able to prove it.


Until now.


Thanks to Cohen-Kusmierczyk’s submitted evidence, I can now prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I DID contract COVID in the workplace. And that my disability is a direct result of manager incompetence.


Cohen-Kusmierczyk’s own timeline evidence shows Windsor managers allowed a person sick with COVID  – Mazin – to work in the office while awaiting test results. Mazin sat five feet from me. The last day I was in the office, I went at his desk (we both wore masks) and helped him with a work problem. A few days later, my symptoms started.


Managers have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment. I wasn’t told the man sitting beside me was sick. Now I am permanently disabled.


Rather than focus on my work history, Cohen-Kusmierczyk spent her time trying to convince the court there was no way I could have caught COVID at work. She provided very detailed timelines and expert opinion from the Health Unit. She just forgot one simple thing.


They didn’t have rapid tests then.


The day I told her my test result was not the date I got sick.


Back then there were no instant tests. It took many days to get a positive result. Which Cohen-Kusmierczyk is aware of because the person who gave me COVID, the person who was allowed to be in the office while he was sick, was waiting on his test results.


If this keeps going, what other damaging evidence will she provide next time? When people hear her words, what do you think the outcome will be? Does the director really want to go on the record? For this case?

Maybe take a few minutes and review the facts of the case. Review who I am. Fix the problem you created.



If you want the public to believe the government follows the law it passes, your only course of action is to return employment to me. Stop playing this nonsensical game that will have only one conclusion. You are agents of the crown. You have a legal obligation to your employees and a fiduciary duty to the citizens of Ontario.


Soon, it will be impossible to contain the story. I’m filming this weekend for a trailer for my horror movie, Devil’s Mountain. I start advertising my podcast next month. If you have not done so, review Alien Brain Fog (Spotify or YouTube). I will spend the next 2 months discussing systemic racism and how the Ontario civil service repeatedly breaks the law. How the Ontario Civil Service, under the leadership of Michelle DiEmanuelle routinely fires black employees who speak up. The louder I get, the more victims will find me. It’s only a matter of time.




You can stop this at any time by getting me back under an oath of office.



The part that sickens me is what you believe a human life is worth: $100,000. That is the same amount Harvey Weinstein’s people paid to Rose McGowan to cover up his abuse.


Is that all a human life is worth in Ontario?


To be clear, the abuse I experience at the hands of Rachel Cohen-Kusmierczyk was insignificant compared to what McGowan endured. The part that traumatized me, the part that nearly killed me, was the speed at which government officials moved to suppress evidence. My case was very clear – bias in email form. I reported it to her reporting manager. I was ignored. When I filed a grievance, I was fired. I was the third black employee in that office to lose their job because of racism. And because of your inaction, I may not be the last.


In my documentary, I am not Drake Bell. If this was Quiet on Set, I am Christy Stratton and Jenny Kilgen. Both were writers who spoke out about abuse in the workplace. They took money believing the problem would be solved after telling their employer about it. Instead, it got much worse.


Buying people’s silence is a method of circumnavigating the law. This is why I cannot in good conscious take your blood money. Because if I do, more black people will have suffer at Cohen-Kusmiercyzk’s hands. Enough is enough.


Literally the only course of action that will stop me from exposing your crimes is returning to me the job you stole. Talk to your lawyer. See how he feels Cohen-Kusmiercyzk did. Ask yourself, do you really want to do this?


I don’t know why you are protecting her. Perhaps it is because she’s connected to sitting Liberal MP Irek Kusmierczyk. Maybe it’s for a different reason. But she is clearly being protected.


And that is a crime.



Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment.


Part III of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act states employers have an obligation to ‘inform a worker about any hazard in the work”.  Yet you suppressed evidence of antiblack harassment against two of my previous colleagues. If I’d been told of the danger Cohen-Kusmiercyzk represents to black workers, I would have taken different actions.


In Part 111.0.1 of the act (Workplace violence and workplace harassment) states that “an investigation must be conducted into incidents and complaints of workplace harassment”. Bill 168 states the worker is to remain in the workplace and available to take part in the investigation. You fired me because you do not want the investigation to take place.


This means that you, a government official, are breaking the law. The laws you are responsible to uphold.


Your failure to act results in me becoming suicidal. I almost killed myself because you didn’t comply with the law. But I’m willing to move past that. We are all human. We make mistakes.  Let me remind you of my humanity.



I have been driven into poverty because I asked for the harassment to stop. I was forced to sell my house and, without stable employment, I could not get another mortgage. I was forced to pay $27,000 in rent last year. Now, I’m selling everything I own and moving into one room to help a friend with his mortgage.


I’d love to move in with my boyfriend, but I can’t. Michael is on ODPS. If I move in, I would be added as a spouse which would cut him off the program. He requires life-saving medication so I have no choice. Michael’s father died unexpectedly in December. His mother is worried about losing the house. And I can’t help.


If I had my job back, I could add Michael as a spouse on my benefits. My current position (consultant with a manufacturing company to improve their systems) is only on contract. No benefits. I need my job back so we can live together I could move in with him and his mother and help them keep the house. You have many vacancies. Find me one and you’ll have the silence you desire.


Whatever imagined wrongs you think I have done, haven’t I suffered enough?


You are playing games with my life. And I’m asking you to stop.



Maybe you’ll read this, maybe you won’t. What I would hope you would do is focus on solving problems. The OPS has a significant problem with racism. Fully reinstate me with back pay and get me under an oath of office.


Allow me to be part of the solution to the problem you created. Or I will focus on solving the problem from the outside.


Quiet on Set.


Joseph Murphy

website: Official Website of M Joseph Murphy - Writer/Director

podcast: Alien Brain Fog on Spotify

Quiet on Set Trailer: Quiet on Set - The Dark Side of Kids Television

Monday, April 1, 2024

Alien Brain Fog - Episode 004 - What is Tribalism?




How do you know who you really are? Are you Canadian? American? Russian? Ukrainian? Israeli? Palestinian? Are you straight? Gay? Trans? Cis? Are you Christian? Are you Pagan? Are you black? Or are you white? 

Who are you? And who gets to decide? 

And, does deciding who you are change how other people perceive you?

Are you the person your parents think you are? Your boyfriend. Can your husband decide who you are? If you are child, does your parent own you?

Video Clip – Andrew Tate states Women are the property of men 

Video Clip - 'Parental rights' is the latest fight in the education culture wars

The answer to all these questions begins with looking at Tribalism. 

What is it and how does it affect your brain.


Source: Ronald Regan - War is an Alien Threat

When I was kid, Ronald Regan was president. A former actor who used to be the textbook definition of a conservative. Nowadays, he’d be labeled a snowflake. Was he right? Would we put all of our conflicts aside and come together if confronted with a common enemy? Or would we keep fighting each other?

To understand Tribalism, let’s look at Americans and Canadians.

Let’s pretend you are an American who doesn’t like our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. You cross the border into Windsor, find the first Canadian you can find and kick him in the shins.

When the story is told, Canadians will not see that YOU, an individual, hates Canada. They will assign you to the tribe or group “American” and determine that all of America hates Canada. And all of Canada will put their differences aside to be afraid of Americans.

Canadians will be on guard the next time they see an Americans, because maybe this American is also dangerous, also hates Canadians, and might kick me in the shin.Because of what one individual did to another individual.

Why are we like that?

Tribalism. So what is tribalism?

Source: Tribalism in a Polarized America | Patrick O’Connell | TEDxBowdoinCollege

When you are part of a tribe, you feel connected. Like an extended family. When one of you is attack, all of you feel attacked. That feeling is your brain trying to predict the future by anticipating threats. If Canadians perceive Americans as a threat, even if it’s not supported by evidence, their brains will tell them to be careful around Americans. Because it’s trying to keep you alive.

The more afraid you are, the more likely your brain will quickly categorize something as a threat. And that is logical.

As long as the threat is real.

And herein lies the problem. You’re brain isn’t so good at determine what threats are real and which ones are imaginary. Our brain is not an impartial computer. Memories are not stored like photographs.

So how DOES the brain work?


Your brain, like the rest of your body, is designed to keep you alive. While our lungs focus on getting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, what do our brains do?

They help us predict the future.

Our senses experience the world around us to the best of their ability. Our brain focuses on the parts necessary for our survival and ignores the unnecessary. So, if an American attacks a Canadian, the brains of other Canadians will change once they hear the story. Their brain will know they might need to be careful around Americans. Even if you’re not conscious of it, that will be at the back of your mind. Because your brain wants to keep you alive.

So how does your brain tell the difference between what is safe and what is dangerous?

Through lived experiences, the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we hear from others.

We learn it.

Human beings are social animals. We evolved in groups because historically we have been safer together. We belong together in groups. So why are we the people more divide than ever?

 Tribalism and the need for Connection. – Simon Sinek (00 – 0:04) (1:33 – 1:41) (2:27 – 3:01)

 Humanity is having an ontological crisis. The world, the real world, is not what we thought it was. We are not as rich as we thought we were. We are not as safe as we thought we were. We are not as alone as we thought we were.

Video Clip – Violent Crime in Canada Spikes to Highest Level since 2007 (CBC News)

Video Clip – Retail Council of Canada Receiving "Daily" Reports of Violent Shoplifters 

Video Clip – Non-Human Being Remains? Mexico Holds Congressional Hearing on UFOs

Video Clip: Mexican UFO Expert Conducts X-Rays on Non-Human Beings

Video Clip: New video shows 'jellyfish' shaped object soaring over US base in Iraq

Video Clip: UFO hearing previewed by House GOP: 'We're done with the cover-ups'


And that fear is making humans act like rats trapped in a cage.

When we are afraid, we are more likely to perceive other people as a threat to our safety. Especially if that other person is different than us.

 If you hear that an American attacked a Canadian, your brain tells you to trust your own tribe, Canadians, and distrust the outsider, Americans. That sounds logical.

 But it is also the foundation of racism.

How can you tell if the threat your brain perceives as real IS REAL? If you see a snake, your brain will immediately say danger. Snakes can be dangerous. You then have to stop and look more closely at the snake. 

Upon first sight, both snakes look dangerous. Fear is a physical response to a perceived threat. Upon seeing the perceived threat, your brain will attempt to predict the future by comparing current events to past events.


This is what women mean when they say “All men.” Women cannot tell just by looking at a man if they are safe to be around. Because the evidence of their entire lives and all of recorded history says the number one threat to a woman’s safety is a man having a bad day.

But I’ll move on.

When you meet a person, your brain works quickly to identify if the person is a threat. This action is rarely conscious. The more afraid your brain tells you to be, the less logical you become. Fear can override your logic brain, which makes sense. If you wake up and find a snake in your bed, now is not the time to wonder if it’s friendly. Your brain relies on what is has seen and experienced before.

So let’s talk about how black people in the media affects you.

If you live in a small town, it’s possible that you’ve never met a black person in real life. Seriously. It still happens. When you do meet a black person, the only memories you can access are the ones of other people. What you have read about, what you have seen on TV, and what your friends and family have said.

If all of your friends say black people are dangerous, your brain will tell you the same thing. Maybe you clutch your purse closer to you because you’ve heard black people are thieves. Maybe you let out a yelp when you see a black person in a normally white space. This used to happen to me all the time, followed by a quick “Or sorry Joe. Didn’t realize it was you.”

 Because for a split second, their brain categorized me as black and dangerous. Changing which category I was in took conscious effort for the other person.

 When we are stressed or afraid, we are less likely to take the time to reassess risk.  If our brains say it’s dangerous, we agree and don’t think too much about it.

Now, let’s talk about unconscious bias.


New research in neuroscience strongly suggests humans may not have free will.

Video Clip - The strange neuroscience of free will - BBC REEL

Source: Free Will is Only an Illusion if You Are

I know that was complex. That’s what I’m here for. To turn that into regular English.

Your brain is faster than your conscious thought. There is a gap between when your unconscious brain makes a decision and your conscious brain is aware of the decision. In that gap is where you’ll find all your unconscious biases.

To put that differently, if you are unaware that you have unconscious biases, its likely that ALL of your decisions are made unconsciously.

Our brains aren’t like computers, but they are influenced by programing. We teach our children how to act, how to dress, what to eat and what not to eat. By teaching children about perceived dangers in the world, we hope to keep them alive.

So when a Canadian mother point an American man and says “Stay away from those people” the child’s brain will take in the programming. Each time they see an American they will perceive danger faster than their conscious mind can stop it.

If you are born with pale skin and you align yourself with whiteness either consciously or unconsciously, when one white person is attacked, you feel like YOU are being attacked. If one white person loses out to a job and that job is given to a black man, you believe there’s a chance that a black man may steal your job.

 If you have darker skin and society has labelled you as black, when a black person is assaulted by a police office, you may be afraid a police will assault you.

But not all perceived threats are actual threats. That is why we need the conscious mind to filter through all the evidence to make a more informed decision.

Once upon a time, everyone in your church was family. Everyone in your community was a neighbour. Everyone in your country was a potential friend. Now no one trusts the church, no one talks to their neighbour, and our country is more divided than ever. No one feels safe anymore because every new person is a potential threat.

We have been conditioned to believe that we are safe with people who are like us, that people who are different from us are dangerous.

The fancy name for that is xenophobia. Historically, being xenophobic kept you alive because society has been deeply racist. Your brain tells you to stick with your own kind or risk being assaulted. Sometimes that fear is logical.

We’re watching the same thing happen now. 

Jewish people around the world are being blamed for the actions of the Israeli government.

In response, Jewish people gather together because they know the attacks are coming.

All around the world, people living in fear have succumbed to tribalism. They have removed Jewish people from the group “neighbour” and put them in a separate category “other.”

Think logically. What does a middle-aged housewife from Australia have to do with the military decision of a foreign country? The only thing they share in common is a religion, one they may or may not actually practice.

Why are you making their religion the most important category and not the country they live in? Because your brain has decided that the Jewish religion is dangerous. Not the person’s gender, not her location, not even her political views. Just her religion.

Now, go sit with that thought and think about why you believe that.

Human beings are more than the country we were born in or the religion we practice. Human beings are more than the tribes that they belong to. Because human beings all belong to the same tribe. 


A few weeks ago, I stitched a reply to the following question: What if an alien came down, gave you a mic and said, for the next 60 seconds, What would you say?

My answer: Stop Fighting.

All of us are running around like children. Like our parent has left the room or the babysitter has stepped out. We're children causing chaos because our parent isn't around. Who's our parent?


In the West, we've treated God like a parent because we got used to the church acting like a parent. for a very, very long time, the church told us what to do and we obeyed. But we don't believe the church anymore.
For various reasons.

Video Clip: Catholic Church covered up priests' child abuse: report 
Video Clip: Indigenous survivor describes her 'haunting experience' of boarding school abuse
Video Clip Vatican and UFOs? What is in the archives? (NewsNation Report)

And because we trust the church, we don't trust God. And because we don't trust God. We think we can do whatever we want.


Someone has to say this, so I guess it will be me:  I don't care who started it. Stop.

I don't care who threw the first punch. Don't throw another one. Fighting is wrong. 
Now, this is something that we teach our children, right? They have to know that in kindergarten, children are taught this. But adults have forgot it.

So a reminder. I don't care who you're fighting with right now. Stop.

Stop acting like children and grow up.

Rioting in the streets because you've been told you have to do something you don't want to do is the same thing as a child throwing a temper tantrum because they've been told to take a nap. Rioting in the streets because you're upset with late stage capitalism. That's a different topic. But for that, we all need to come together.

There are forces in the world that are trying to separate us. So in case you have forgotten, there is one race, the human race. There are forces that want to divide us. It is time for the human race to come together and look at the people that are separating us because the people that are trying to separate us. They're the enemy.

And we need to come together to get them out of power.


I almost forgot the most important thing because there is a nonzero chance that aliens are real. Really, They might exist. 

And it's very possible that they are just waiting for us to grow up before they come help us. Because if aliens are real, they have the technology to save us.

They have the technology to end poverty, but they're not going to do it until we grow up.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Open Letter to Lisa Gretzky and the NDP on the issue of Antiblack Racism Inside the Ontario Public Service

Today is the last day of Black History month, an extra day because of leap year. I’m using this unusual day to bring attention to something else unusual – the absolute silence from the NDP on the issue of racism inside the Ontario Public Service.

Why does the Ontario NDP no longer care about black workers? This is the party of Howard McCurdy. I’m a Windsor guy, but only had the pleasure of meeting McCurdy once. When I was a child, I played piano at an Emancipation Day talent show in Amherstburg. It showed me how important the area is for black history and helped me believe there was a place for black people in politics. McCurdy fought for us.

Which is why, Lisa, I’ve been so confused by your lack of support. Why doesn’t the current NDP have the same passion for dismantling anti-black racism?

Only this morning I read about your plea for the children on Ontario. You stated:

"When will the premier act to ensure that children and youth with complex needs in Windsor have the mental health supports they need in Windsor?"

I ask you the same question. When will the NDP act to ensure that black workers inside the OPS have a safe work environment, free from harassment, free from the fear they will be terminated if they speak out.

The issue with mental health supports is messy and will take a great deal of time and resources to fix. Ensuring the safety of black workers inside the province of Ontario, however, could be solved with a single news conference. 

Help me be the last black worker fired from the province of Ontario for speaking out about antiblack racism.


In brief, my name is Joseph Murphy. I am a writer, director and former publisher. 

I am a witch who worships the divine as Mother. I am currently directing a feminist horror movie (Devil’s Mountain - where no women die and the killer only targets abusive men). I’m also the host of Alien Brain Fog, a podcast on dismantling systems of oppression. It focuses on systemic racism and patriarchy, discussing how oppression has physical effects on physiology and mental health.

During the last election, I canvassed for Gemma Grey-Hall, the NDP candidate in my area. I asked her how one becomes a leader and she gave me a whole masterclass in realness. She told me: "If you want to lead, lead. Don’t wait for others to give you permission." She also told me to learn as much as I can about governance, which I continue to do.

Since there is little money in the arts, I also had a day job. I was a caseworker at ODSP -  Windsor, a union steward and co-head of Tomorrow’s Ontario Public Service (TOPS) – an organization focused on training future leaders. 

I was also being harassed by Rachel Cohen-Kusmiercyzk, manager at ODSP – Windsor. It was previously my belief that she was related to Member of Parliament, Irek Kusmierczyk, and that was the reason she was being protected. I’ve since realized the problem is deeper than that.

Within only a few years, two black caseworkers left the OPS under mysterious circumstances. Even as a union steward, I was not privy to the details of their leaving. When the harassment against me started (in email form), I filed a grievance. This was back in 2021, three years ago. I informed Rachel’s manager, Melissa Kersey, there was a problem. Then I waited for my grievance date to arrive. It was scheduled for January 2022. 

In 2023, I learned two black women at work were also being harassed, after I had already informed Melissa Kersey of the problem. Nothing was being done to protect black workers. I was fired without cause and without notice just before my scheduled grievance date. I am certain this will scare the other black employees in the office into silence. Which is appauling.

Only the managers are protected.

You do not have to take my word for it. You simply need to look at the evidence.


I am concerned about the province using public funds to supress reports of antiblack racism. A private company has limited resources. Fines for wrongful dismissal could be a disincentive. The province, however, has seemingly bottomless pockets. This explains the cavalier attitude of the union (OPSEU) and the callous behaviours of the civil service. They believe they can buy off anyone that complains with a small amount of money.

But they could not buy my silence. Because of the harassment and the termination, I had to sell my house. That means I have a certain amount of disposable income right now. I am in the perfect position to see this grievance through to the end. I am 100% convinced that anyone who looks at the evidence will see I am telling the truth.

Which may be why the Province of Ontario keeps pushing my arbitration dates further and further into the future. I have checked with my lawyers and the union. None of them have the power to hold our government to account. But you do.


When I stated I was physically unable to attend an allegation meeting, the province called the police on me. The told the union they were concerned I was violent threat, but told the police it was a wellness check. In my mental state at the time, I perceived this as a threat on my life. You can see my response in the video below.

Later, the province accused me in writing of sending inappropriate videos to underage girls. The truth? A former coworker at ODSP told me one of the manager’s daughter’s found my videos’ on TikTok. It was framed in a way to imply I was grooming a minor. The letter stated they had contacted the police to file a report. I contacted the police and verified no such report had been made.

It felt like the province was weaponizing the police department, implying I would be charged with a crime and/or imprisoned if my behaviour didn’t stop. Unfortunately for the province, I taught business law and human resources for over a decade. I know my rights.

But my boyfriend got scared. He wanted them to stop calling the police on me. I knew the best way to do that is to act crazy. So I thought about aliens. Everyone knows if you believe in aliens you’re crazy, right? So in March 2023, I came up with the concept for Alien Brain Fog – a science-based program focused on gaslighting and how to tell fact from fiction. And it seems to have worked. Ever since I started talking about aliens, the province stopped using the police to threaten me. You can see in the videos below the effect this had on my wellbeing.

Then in July 2023, the United States held a congressional hearing that presented evidence aliens might actually be real after all. It seems they have been gaslighting the public about aliens the same way they have been gaslighting us about racism. Making it more important than ever for me to speak up.


It is likely, Lisa, you do not remember officiating my wedding. Maybe it was not you who stated you couldn’t help me back on Aug 10, 2023. Perhaps it was only an automatic response from an aide. You have little reason to trust me, but the black workers of Ontario need your help.

So let me prove my case. If you review the following, you can see I am who I say I am.

Author Website:

Below is a link with a video showing who I am and why I spoke out. 

It also has the email string showing how the WDHP actively works to suppress evidence of racism. They altered reports after I signed them. Every time I have tried to present my evidence, they have delayed the hearings. It has been going on for years.

It happened again just a few weeks ago. The Ford government keeps changing my grievance dates and refuses to release my employment file because they want the evidence to go away. If you stay silent on this, they win.


Review the evidence. As a sign of good faith, I have agreed not to publish the items revealed through disclosure until the grievance has finished. I have sent you copies of my performance reviews as well as the letter I sent the arbitrator. Please do no make this public. Reviewing these will mean you don’t have to take my word for it.

There is a problem at ODSP Windsor. A manager is harassing black workers and having them fired when they speak up. I was the third. I fear I will not be the last.

It is within your power to ensure no other black workers are fired from the OPS. All it needs is your voice. Bring the same passion to my evidence as you did for the mental health of children in Windsor and help expose how the civil services is suppressing black workers.

I ask you to either:
  1. Review my case. Look at the evidence I’ve provided. Decide if I’m telling the truth or not. And if I am telling the truth, if the civil service is truly suppressing evidence of antiblack racism, what is the NDP going to do about it?

  2. Bring up the issue of anti-black racism and the suppression of evidence the same way you brought up the lack of funding for mental health resources. On the floor. Show the black workers on Ontario that their health and safety is important to the NDP

  3. Use me as a resource. Recent polling suggests the Ford government is still leading in the polls. This is ludicrous because the people of Ontario are begging for a change. They are desperate for a leader to step up and hold the powerful to account. By showing the people of Ontario how the civil service is altering reports to “fudge” numbers, you could bring the entire government down. I have the evidence. All I need is someone with the power to make change.


I’ve been in Windsor a long time and have met several leaders of the NPD. If memory serves me right, Rick Limoge was my neighbour for a few years in the Villages of Windsor, before he joined city council. I met Joe Comartin through a mutual acquaintance (Adrian Jones – sadly now deceased). You were the officiant at my wedding and, as I’ve stated previously, I campaigned for Gemma Grey-Hall during the last election.

Many problems in the world today are complex. The health and safety of black workers is not one of them. If black workers are not safe working INSIDE the government, how can they expect the government to protect them at private industries? By shining on a light on what has happened to me and others, you can ensure it stops happening. 

All it takes is an act of courage.

For Janelle Brady - The best part of writing this letter was learning about your work. I will be watching your "Learning About Racism" series tomorrow. It lines up nicely with the work I hope to do on Alien Brain Fog. Thank you for leading the way.


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