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Friday, March 20, 2015

Open Call for Submissions - SFP Indie Magazine Seeks Contributors #asmsg


 The recent issue of SFP Indie is a little light on content. Therefore we are putting in an open call for submissions. We need the following:

  1.  famous women in science fiction history
  2. trends in paranormal romance
  3. the science behind science fiction
  4. the influence of Game of Thrones success on TV to fantasy
  5. why women in science fiction kick major butt
  6.  other articles of interest focused on fans of science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal fiction
  7. A review on a science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal book (preferably written by a member of ASMSG
  8. An interview of a member of ASMSG who writes science fiction, fantasy, or urban fantasy

What we DON'T want:

  1. Shameless self promotion
  2. Cover reveals
  3. Non-genre related articles

For an article to be accepted you MUST be a current member of ASMSG.

Articles should be between 500-1000 words and may have been published before. Normally we pull articles already published on members websites. However, there were few releveant posts for this issue.

In exchange for allowing us to use your work, you will provide buy links for a book of your choice and links to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and blog). Normally we charge for advertising; however, we are waiving all fees for this issue as a thank you for helping us out.

Submissions can be sent me using the contact form to the left or on the SFP Indie's Facebook page

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