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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Announcement Trailer: Alien Brain Fog - A Science-Focused Podcast on Gaslighting and Systems of Oppression.


Change in tactics - I’m starting a podcast.

Inspired by my friend Garth Jensen (check out Garth's Pop Culture OH!? Here), I realize there’s a much faster and easier way for me to get my information out to the general public. A science-focused podcast on systems of oppression and the effect gaslighting has on the human body.

Originally, I wanted to do a serious documentary about systemic racism within the province of Ontario. After the employer sent the police after me a few times, and my boyfriend said he was worried for my safety, I changed tactics. I thought if they think I’m silly and crazy they will stop harassing me. That worked for UFO disclosure people.

And then I had the craziest thought.  


What if I came out of the closet (so to speak) and told people about the silly belief I used to have that I was abducted by aliens. I thought that would be make it funny. Because no one took alien contactees seriously. 

Then two things happened. 

Real disclosure is starting in the United States and no one is panicking. It appears government officials have gaslight millions of contactees and observers for years. For no reason. Maybe my silly thoughts about contact weren’t so silly after all.

I reached out to groups of contact is for the first time in my life. Last week. I should one of my Facebook post in the group.  Immediately my experiences were confirmed. It’s potentially real. Which is a total mindfuck I’m not yet willing to integrate yet. 

But it did become clear I could no longer treat alien abduction as a silly thing.  I knew I had to rework my whole documentary. Doing so could take months.


Hear me out.

I’m just going to start releasing segments of the documentary as a podcast. Which is probably what I should’ve done long ago.

@josephmurphy427 #stitch with @The Inner Work not sure if this is coincidence or a good AI, but I came on TikTok to announce the trailer for my new podcast, was live on YouTube. It’s focussed on gaslighting and systems of oppression. Is this a sign from the universe I’m on the right path? With my phone eavesdropping on me? Thank you for your video. We need more people questioning everything. #fyp #gaslight #manipulation #emancipation #slavery #lying #truth #aliens ♬ original sound - Papa Joe - The Science Witch

I’ve re-cut my funny trailer into something a bit more serious. I’m using that as the announcement trailer for my new podcast.  I’ve run podcasts before. And I have a ton of lead material. 

Alien Brain Fog will deal with systems of oppression, including white supremacy, male supremacy (e.g., patriarchy, misogyny, etc.), and human supremacy (e.g., the belief that only humans are sentient). There will be heavy focus on neuroscience and the effects of gaslighting in the body. And also on how we can determine if a memory is real or an illusion. 

I can coalesce a year’s worth of podcasts into a book. With any luck, after a year of working for free, I can find sponsors. And patrons. And enough fans who want to buy that book so I can recover from what they did to me. 

This switch will also give me more time to focus on finding a day job and making our horror movie Devil’s Mountain the most gayest horror film series ever. 


Systems of oppression want us spinning our wheels in silence. They only end when enough people speak up. 

Please help me speak up.

1. To paraphrase the immortal Cordelia Chase, I need you to call everyone you have ever met. No, seriously. Please.

2. If anyone has told you they have had experiences with nonhuman individuals (what a world we live in) I will soon have a platform for them to discus their experiences. I have never taken my abduction experiences sincerely. I have much to learn. I'm also looking for anyone who has experienced medical gaslighting specifically related to either women's health and/or long covid. I have more than enough material for systemic racism. So I'll start with that.


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Monday, July 31, 2023

So Maybe I was Abducted By Aliens After All.


Mr. Biggs: "How have they hid this from the American people. And from congress."

Mr. Graves: "By not encouraging reporting. If the problem can't be measured, it can't be fixed."

That is a quote from the recent congressional hearings on the existence of aliens and UFOS. But it could also apply to systemic racism. 

I'm living proof of just how far the government will go to suppress reports of something as mundane as systemic racism. Not hard to believe they are capable of doing worse to keep other secrets.

I had the chance to watch the video today. Personally? It's a mind fuck. For most of my life I believed I had been abducted by aliens. After discovering just how messy our brains can be, I re-examined all my memories. Until this damned hearing, I was completely convinced all my memories were false.

After watching that video, I'm completely convinced those men were telling the truth. And that fucking sucks.

Because now there is a non-zero chance that my old memories aren't false. 

Maybe I was had contact with non-human entities.

@josephmurphy427 #stitch with @CTVNews this is why I am working on a educational film series focussed on gaslighting. Alien Brain Fog will deal with the effect constant lying has on the human body and mind. It’s time for the governments of the world to stop treating us like we are children. The world is on fire, and if aliens exist maybe they can help. If they gave us Velcro, maybe they can cool the Earth down. #fyp #aliens #ufo #racism #filmtok #gaslighting #truth #hope ♬ original sound - Papa Joe - The Science Witch



One night in the 1990s, in London, my boyfriend shook me awake around 3:00 in the morning. 
He said: "How the hell did you sleep through that?"
Me: "Sleep through what?"
Him: "Aliens. Aliens were here. I tried to wake you up but they said to let you sleep."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Because they said you were always afraid of them."
I had never told him about my experiences. So it was a bit terrifying.


In the early 2000s, I was day drinking with my dad. This was before he found Jesus and got sober. I had never discussed my abduction memories with him. As far as I know, to this day he's still unaware I had experiences.
Dad: "There was one time you were almost kidnapped."
Me:" What the fuck? When?"
Dad: "You were baby. We lived in a basement apartment. I walked into your room and found two guys crawling through the window to get you. So I ...."
His face went white. He took a drink of beer and said nothing.
Me: "So what happened?"
Dad: "What happened when?" Face still blank.
Maybe I should have pushed him. But the look on his face freaked me out. And honestly I didn't want to know.

I still don't want to know. 

If you watch my announcement trailer for Alien Brain Fog (above), you'll notice I made fun of how silly it was I used to believe I was abducted. The decision to include aliens was a marketing ploy to help sell a movie. A fun way to deal with gaslighting. I wanted to lighten up the discussions around systemic racism, medical gaslighting and misogyny by pointing out the similarities of gaslighting tactics in all cases.

Now? I don't know what to believe.

But if they are real, which it seems they are, then maybe so are my memories. That means I've been living in self-doubt since I was a child all because our governments were run by cowards.

Maybe now that the old guard is dying off or retiring, the visitors realize now is a time for communion, before Earth completely burns up. Maybe they will reach out to those they contacted before asking them to speak up now that it's a bit safer to do so.

Maybe my timing wasn't so coincidental. 

And that is enough thinking for today.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023



I'm happy to share with you the announcement trailer for my newest project. Alien Brain Fog will be a three-part educational film series focused on the effect gaslighting, systemic racism, chronic illness and biology have on memory and identity.

PART 1 - Systemic Racism and its effect on biology and mental health

PART 2 - Long Covid Psychosis, Medical Gaslighting and My Midlife Crisis

PART 3 - Aliens - Yes. Bloody Aliens.

As hinted at in the trailer, 2022 was a year of challenges for me. While still recovering from Long Covid, I went through a divorce and, more importantly to the story, chronic and pervasive anti black racism at work. I worked for the province of Ontario, at the Ontario Disability Support Program in Windsor, Ontario.

Now it's possible that my perception of events has been impaired by brain fog, but the evidence seems to suggest I was fired for speaking out about anti black racism. Sadly, I would not be the first civil servant in the province of Ontario to be punished for speaking out. Perhaps if we can get enough attention to the matter, however, I will be the last.


The purpose of this video is to act as a calling card.

Since I have no film credits to my name, I wanted to give people a taste of the vision for the special. I had previously envisioned a more serious documentary, the actions of the Province forced a changed in tactics. Their behaviour has been ludicrous and I truly believe, upon reflection, they will agree.

I have a set list of government and union officials I will be contacting for interview requests. Next week I'll be finalizing my list of subject matter experts and sending interview requests to them. 

WANT TO BE PART OF THE PROJECT? - contact form to the right.

If you or someone you know is a subject matter expect on the following issues, I would love to hear your story. 

  1. Learning and Memory (neurobiology and anatomy)
  2. Learning and Memory (psychology)
  3. Psychologists focused on healthy relationships
  4. False Memory Phenomenon
  5. Repressed Memories
  6. Long Covid Psychosis
  7. Racism as a Determinate for health (Genetic anthropologist or medical professional)
  8. Psychological Effects of Systemic Oppression
  9. Navigating the Medical System as a person with a disability.
  10. Alien Abduction

I may even be able to include you in the special if you have a story to tell. I'm looking for personal accounts from the following


Anyone fired or disciplined for speaking out about anti black racism. I will ensure confidentially if desired. I fully understand the risks of speaking out. What I'd like to hear is how the experience of dealing with racism affected you. Was there a change in the way people treated you after you expressed your concerns? Were there changes in your interpersonal relationships (e.g., divorce, lose of friends, etc.) Was there an effect on your health? Do you feel differently about yourself now that you have gone through the experience?


Anyone currently living with long covid who has noticed a change in their mental health. Specifically I'm looking for how your feel your sense of self has changed since being ill. Do other people treat you differently? How did being ill effect your marriage and/or other relationships?

I'd like to focus on medical gaslighting and the effect it had on your self confidence and sense of identity. Do you see yourself as a person with a disability? If so, how has that label changed the way you see yourself? 

PART 3 - Aliens - Yes. Bloody Aliens.

Do you have memories of being abducted by aliens? I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but serious inquiries only. My focus is not on the abductions or visitations. Instead, I want to hear how you felt when people didn't believe you. How did you get people to believe your experiences were real? Why is it important for you that other people realize you're telling the truth? Why did you come forward with your experiences? How did the experience change your sense of who you are and your place in the world.

If you are interested in having your story be part of the project, you can contact me using the form on this page.


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Monday, March 20, 2023




♬ original sound - M Joseph Murphy (he/him)

While trying to report allegations of harassment against a manager, I uncovered a pattern with troubling optics. I'll say no more for now. You see the emails yourself and decide.


Fired for Speaking Out - My Experience With Anti Black Racism Working for the Province of Ontario


@josephmurphy427 Why I spoke out and how the government is suppressing reports. Quick summary of accusations. #blm #racism #fordnation #opseu #ontario #canada #fyp ♬ SUMMARY OF ALLEGATIONS - IS THE NTARIO PUBLIC SERVICE SUPPRESSING REPORTS OF ANTI BLACK RACISM?

The last few years have been traumatic. I joined the Ontario Public Service (OPS) in 2015. I left a ten-year career teaching college courses in Business and Accounting because I wanted something more stable. Something I could retire from.

Until recently, I was a partner in a small publishing firm, Ellysian Press. (NOTE: the remaining partners of Ellysian Press have no additional information on this topic. Please respect their privacy.) It was a passion but I could not support myself and my (then) husband. I needed a day job. Despite what the movies would have you believe, there's not a ton of money in publishing. Especially the smaller presses.

The OPS was appealing for me because it offered a unionized environment and, since it was a government agency, I was not concerned about racism or homophobia. I believed working for the government was the safest place to be.

In my case, I was wrong.


Damning report finds 'persistent and unyielding' anti-Black racism in Ontario's public service - CBC News

OPS Launched 3rd Party Review of Inclusive Workplace Policies and Programs


Local manager saw me as an "angry black man", a talented and smart young man with a tendency to lash out viciously when provoked. Prior to the OPS, I worked for Everest College where, among other things, I was chosen by leadership to facilitate courses for other instructors on Emotional Intelligence. I was awarded the Parthenon Award for the 2012-2013 school year, an award given to the instructor who had the most impact on his students.

How did one group of people believe I was a superstar while another believed I was a ticking time bomb? One word: expectations. In communication studies, there is an understanding that other elements (e.g., body language, location, internal bias, etc.) can create barriers to accurate communication.


In my upcoming documentary, Alien Brain Fog, I will be exploring how the experience of workplace racism, a new experience for me, affected my sense of identity. Heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Julia Shaw's (Dr. Julia Shaw's official website) seminal book The Memory Illusion, Alien Brain fog  will be a lighthearted look at the gaslighting, fake news, and biochemistry affect memory and self-identity. After my experiences, I will also explore how systemic racism and the opinion of others affects an individuals sense of who they truly are as a person.

I've dealt with Long Covid since January 2021. For more than a year and a half I had severe memory problems. I forgot key elements of my past which made me wonder: why was I still attached to those memories in the first place. And how were those memories affecting who I believed I was. Coupled with the racist tropes in the work place, the constant gaslighting, and the efforts to suppress the harassment, it was enough for a experience Ego Death.

It was time for me to rediscover who I was. And who gets to define what I am.


I had hoped to have Alien Brain Fog ready for by September. Actions taken by the employer after they terminated me, however, has convinced me doing so could put my life and freedom in jeopardy. 

I know. Dramatic. But here me  out.

In December, I attended a allegations meeting. The invite to the meeting was sent to an email address I hadn't used in 5 years. Neither had the union forwarded a copy to my correct email. At the sight of one of my harassers, I had an emotional moment. The meeting was ended. A follow up meeting was scheduled for 20 minutes later. I was emotionally unprepared to attend it and asked if the union could go without me or reschedule. Instead no follow up meeting was held and a summary decision was made to fire me. Then the police were sent to my house with management telling my union representative they were concerned I was a violent risk threat. A terrorist. The message to police, however, was a simple wellness check. Because I could not attend a meeting.

The latest attack, however, has shown me I need to change strategies. I sent an emotional plea to leadership (see email here) pleading with them to stop the machinery and look at what they were doing. I appealed to their humanity and asked what their family and friends would think of their behaviour. In response, they sent the following letter:

The implication is clear. They are implying I am a pedophile stalking teenage girls on the internet and sharing inappropriate videos. This ridiculous and libelous.

I have decided to recut and rework my documentary to make it more lighthearted and humorous. This will take longer but it is clear the OPS current strategy is heading to a dark place. So I'll take the high road.


@josephmurphy427 Hidden video of Ontario government officials exposes efforts to suppress reports of anti black racism. #fyp #blm #ontariocanada #fordnation #racism #politicstiktok #hiddencamera #cbcnews #race #gotcha ♬ original sound - M Joseph Murphy (he/him)

Leadership was made aware multiple times I was preparing a documentary to expose what the optics of their current practices. 


I expected a court injunction in May 2022. They were aware I was a partner in a media company and a published author. They had every expectation that I could make the information public.

I expected a manager to tell me not to release the information. Instead, they told me to go ahead. Many times.

Of course no one would believe they would do that. It's crazy. 

But I have the video to prove it.

I recorded a zoom meeting during which I brought my concerns to leadership. There was never an intention to share these videos. I simply needed verification because my brain no longer functioned the way it used to. And, to be clear OPS Leadership has been aware of their existence for nearly a year. 

I am beyond grateful I recorded that meeting. Otherwise, I firmly believe no one would believe me. I'm not sure I would have believed it myself. Without that video, I would always wonder if I had misinterpreted events. I would always have wondered if I was the problem after all.

And that made me mad. Because all I could think about was how often they had done this?

They knew I was a writer, a partner in a publishing company, a former college instructor, a union steward, one of the founders of Windsor's first gay pride (1992). They knew I recorded meetings to help with my brain fog and they STILL tried to trick me?

What are they doing to other people?

I realized that my moral and civil obligation was to speak up. So I did.

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