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Wednesday, April 5, 2023



I'm happy to share with you the announcement trailer for my newest project. Alien Brain Fog will be a three-part educational film series focused on the effect gaslighting, systemic racism, chronic illness and biology have on memory and identity.

PART 1 - Systemic Racism and its effect on biology and mental health

PART 2 - Long Covid Psychosis, Medical Gaslighting and My Midlife Crisis

PART 3 - Aliens - Yes. Bloody Aliens.

As hinted at in the trailer, 2022 was a year of challenges for me. While still recovering from Long Covid, I went through a divorce and, more importantly to the story, chronic and pervasive anti black racism at work. I worked for the province of Ontario, at the Ontario Disability Support Program in Windsor, Ontario.

Now it's possible that my perception of events has been impaired by brain fog, but the evidence seems to suggest I was fired for speaking out about anti black racism. Sadly, I would not be the first civil servant in the province of Ontario to be punished for speaking out. Perhaps if we can get enough attention to the matter, however, I will be the last.


The purpose of this video is to act as a calling card.

Since I have no film credits to my name, I wanted to give people a taste of the vision for the special. I had previously envisioned a more serious documentary, the actions of the Province forced a changed in tactics. Their behaviour has been ludicrous and I truly believe, upon reflection, they will agree.

I have a set list of government and union officials I will be contacting for interview requests. Next week I'll be finalizing my list of subject matter experts and sending interview requests to them. 

WANT TO BE PART OF THE PROJECT? - contact form to the right.

If you or someone you know is a subject matter expect on the following issues, I would love to hear your story. 

  1. Learning and Memory (neurobiology and anatomy)
  2. Learning and Memory (psychology)
  3. Psychologists focused on healthy relationships
  4. False Memory Phenomenon
  5. Repressed Memories
  6. Long Covid Psychosis
  7. Racism as a Determinate for health (Genetic anthropologist or medical professional)
  8. Psychological Effects of Systemic Oppression
  9. Navigating the Medical System as a person with a disability.
  10. Alien Abduction

I may even be able to include you in the special if you have a story to tell. I'm looking for personal accounts from the following


Anyone fired or disciplined for speaking out about anti black racism. I will ensure confidentially if desired. I fully understand the risks of speaking out. What I'd like to hear is how the experience of dealing with racism affected you. Was there a change in the way people treated you after you expressed your concerns? Were there changes in your interpersonal relationships (e.g., divorce, lose of friends, etc.) Was there an effect on your health? Do you feel differently about yourself now that you have gone through the experience?


Anyone currently living with long covid who has noticed a change in their mental health. Specifically I'm looking for how your feel your sense of self has changed since being ill. Do other people treat you differently? How did being ill effect your marriage and/or other relationships?

I'd like to focus on medical gaslighting and the effect it had on your self confidence and sense of identity. Do you see yourself as a person with a disability? If so, how has that label changed the way you see yourself? 

PART 3 - Aliens - Yes. Bloody Aliens.

Do you have memories of being abducted by aliens? I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but serious inquiries only. My focus is not on the abductions or visitations. Instead, I want to hear how you felt when people didn't believe you. How did you get people to believe your experiences were real? Why is it important for you that other people realize you're telling the truth? Why did you come forward with your experiences? How did the experience change your sense of who you are and your place in the world.

If you are interested in having your story be part of the project, you can contact me using the form on this page.


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