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Links to Marketing Articles

Here are all the links in my Marketing 101 for Writers:

Introduction to Marketing Mix

What is the Marketing Mix (featuring Steve Jobs on Marketing)


Part 1 (What is a Product?)
Part 2 (Quality, Features and Style)
Part 3 (You Are Your Brand Name)


Part 1 (Value-Based Pricing)
Part 2 (Creating Differentiation Through Price)


Part 1 (What is AIDA?)
Part 2 (How to Stand Out From The Crowd)
Part 3 (Suggestions for Promotion)
Part 4 (More Suggestions for Promotion)
What is Publicity, PR and Viral Marketing

Place (Distribution)

Where to Distribute Your Work?

Links to Viral Marketing Articles:

Viral Marketing Checklist Part 1: Neutrality is Useless
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 2: Surprise Your Audience
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 3: 5 Types of Videos You Should Have on Youtube
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 4: 7 Things You Should be Doing on Twitter
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 5: Keep Your Audience's Attention
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 6: Sharing and Piracy are Good Things
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 7: Connect with Comments
Viral Marketing Checklist Part 8: Restricting Access is Ridiculous
Stand Out! Don't Be Like the Others Includes link to best viral video I've seen in years


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