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Monday, July 31, 2023

So Maybe I was Abducted By Aliens After All.


Mr. Biggs: "How have they hid this from the American people. And from congress."

Mr. Graves: "By not encouraging reporting. If the problem can't be measured, it can't be fixed."

That is a quote from the recent congressional hearings on the existence of aliens and UFOS. But it could also apply to systemic racism. 

I'm living proof of just how far the government will go to suppress reports of something as mundane as systemic racism. Not hard to believe they are capable of doing worse to keep other secrets.

I had the chance to watch the video today. Personally? It's a mind fuck. For most of my life I believed I had been abducted by aliens. After discovering just how messy our brains can be, I re-examined all my memories. Until this damned hearing, I was completely convinced all my memories were false.

After watching that video, I'm completely convinced those men were telling the truth. And that fucking sucks.

Because now there is a non-zero chance that my old memories aren't false. 

Maybe I was had contact with non-human entities.

@josephmurphy427 #stitch with @CTVNews this is why I am working on a educational film series focussed on gaslighting. Alien Brain Fog will deal with the effect constant lying has on the human body and mind. It’s time for the governments of the world to stop treating us like we are children. The world is on fire, and if aliens exist maybe they can help. If they gave us Velcro, maybe they can cool the Earth down. #fyp #aliens #ufo #racism #filmtok #gaslighting #truth #hope ♬ original sound - Papa Joe - The Science Witch



One night in the 1990s, in London, my boyfriend shook me awake around 3:00 in the morning. 
He said: "How the hell did you sleep through that?"
Me: "Sleep through what?"
Him: "Aliens. Aliens were here. I tried to wake you up but they said to let you sleep."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Because they said you were always afraid of them."
I had never told him about my experiences. So it was a bit terrifying.


In the early 2000s, I was day drinking with my dad. This was before he found Jesus and got sober. I had never discussed my abduction memories with him. As far as I know, to this day he's still unaware I had experiences.
Dad: "There was one time you were almost kidnapped."
Me:" What the fuck? When?"
Dad: "You were baby. We lived in a basement apartment. I walked into your room and found two guys crawling through the window to get you. So I ...."
His face went white. He took a drink of beer and said nothing.
Me: "So what happened?"
Dad: "What happened when?" Face still blank.
Maybe I should have pushed him. But the look on his face freaked me out. And honestly I didn't want to know.

I still don't want to know. 

If you watch my announcement trailer for Alien Brain Fog (above), you'll notice I made fun of how silly it was I used to believe I was abducted. The decision to include aliens was a marketing ploy to help sell a movie. A fun way to deal with gaslighting. I wanted to lighten up the discussions around systemic racism, medical gaslighting and misogyny by pointing out the similarities of gaslighting tactics in all cases.

Now? I don't know what to believe.

But if they are real, which it seems they are, then maybe so are my memories. That means I've been living in self-doubt since I was a child all because our governments were run by cowards.

Maybe now that the old guard is dying off or retiring, the visitors realize now is a time for communion, before Earth completely burns up. Maybe they will reach out to those they contacted before asking them to speak up now that it's a bit safer to do so.

Maybe my timing wasn't so coincidental. 

And that is enough thinking for today.

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