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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Announcement Trailer: Alien Brain Fog - A Science-Focused Podcast on Gaslighting and Systems of Oppression.


Change in tactics - I’m starting a podcast.

Inspired by my friend Garth Jensen (check out Garth's Pop Culture OH!? Here), I realize there’s a much faster and easier way for me to get my information out to the general public. A science-focused podcast on systems of oppression and the effect gaslighting has on the human body.

Originally, I wanted to do a serious documentary about systemic racism within the province of Ontario. After the employer sent the police after me a few times, and my boyfriend said he was worried for my safety, I changed tactics. I thought if they think I’m silly and crazy they will stop harassing me. That worked for UFO disclosure people.

And then I had the craziest thought.  


What if I came out of the closet (so to speak) and told people about the silly belief I used to have that I was abducted by aliens. I thought that would be make it funny. Because no one took alien contactees seriously. 

Then two things happened. 

Real disclosure is starting in the United States and no one is panicking. It appears government officials have gaslight millions of contactees and observers for years. For no reason. Maybe my silly thoughts about contact weren’t so silly after all.

I reached out to groups of contact is for the first time in my life. Last week. I should one of my Facebook post in the group.  Immediately my experiences were confirmed. It’s potentially real. Which is a total mindfuck I’m not yet willing to integrate yet. 

But it did become clear I could no longer treat alien abduction as a silly thing.  I knew I had to rework my whole documentary. Doing so could take months.


Hear me out.

I’m just going to start releasing segments of the documentary as a podcast. Which is probably what I should’ve done long ago.

@josephmurphy427 #stitch with @The Inner Work not sure if this is coincidence or a good AI, but I came on TikTok to announce the trailer for my new podcast, was live on YouTube. It’s focussed on gaslighting and systems of oppression. Is this a sign from the universe I’m on the right path? With my phone eavesdropping on me? Thank you for your video. We need more people questioning everything. #fyp #gaslight #manipulation #emancipation #slavery #lying #truth #aliens ♬ original sound - Papa Joe - The Science Witch

I’ve re-cut my funny trailer into something a bit more serious. I’m using that as the announcement trailer for my new podcast.  I’ve run podcasts before. And I have a ton of lead material. 

Alien Brain Fog will deal with systems of oppression, including white supremacy, male supremacy (e.g., patriarchy, misogyny, etc.), and human supremacy (e.g., the belief that only humans are sentient). There will be heavy focus on neuroscience and the effects of gaslighting in the body. And also on how we can determine if a memory is real or an illusion. 

I can coalesce a year’s worth of podcasts into a book. With any luck, after a year of working for free, I can find sponsors. And patrons. And enough fans who want to buy that book so I can recover from what they did to me. 

This switch will also give me more time to focus on finding a day job and making our horror movie Devil’s Mountain the most gayest horror film series ever. 


Systems of oppression want us spinning our wheels in silence. They only end when enough people speak up. 

Please help me speak up.

1. To paraphrase the immortal Cordelia Chase, I need you to call everyone you have ever met. No, seriously. Please.

2. If anyone has told you they have had experiences with nonhuman individuals (what a world we live in) I will soon have a platform for them to discus their experiences. I have never taken my abduction experiences sincerely. I have much to learn. I'm also looking for anyone who has experienced medical gaslighting specifically related to either women's health and/or long covid. I have more than enough material for systemic racism. So I'll start with that.


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