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Friday, January 11, 2013

Helping Indie Authors Find Readers - Survey

Indie Authors need all the help they can get.

Let's face it, signing with a big publishing house does have some advantages. Having a few extra helping hands is definitely the biggest advantage.

So what if there was an organization focused:
1) providing free editing advice
2) helping you find more readers.

One is starting up soon.

The guild  is hoping to focus on what indie writers need. So tell them what you need. Your participation means a more focused group, one that will truly help new indie writers and established indie authors stand out and compete.

Here's a quick survey (10 short questions).  It's completely anonymous. No contact information is required.

What Indie Authors Need: A Short Survey

Time is of the essence. Please forward this link to your other writer friends and twitter followers. We need at least 1000 responses to ensure accuracy.

Thank you for helping to support indie authors.

For more info on the organization behind the survey, check this post by Mary Jeddore Blakney:
Indie Writer Professionalism

If you want to be informed of the results, you can message me directly or leave a comment below.

For results on the survey, check back on this blog after Jan 31st. Alternatively, you can message me on twitter @windswarlock.

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  1. I like your explanation so much that I borrowed heavily from it for a sort of post-script for my own posts: Thank you.


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