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Friday, January 11, 2013

Marketing 101 - Promotion Part 3

Now for a simple post. One I'm sure many have been waiting for. So how exactly can we promote ourselves? You probably have to do the normal things I've suggested before. Get on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads if nothing else. Mingle with publishers, agents and other authors. But everyone is doing that. How can you do what other people are not doing?

Below are some suggestions for other types of promotion:

Slice of life: Show potential customers reading or talking about your book. Get your book into a book club. Think YouTube. Forget about simply Amazon or Goodreads reviews. Have fans create upload videos to YouTube. Nothing goes viral quite like great videos on YouTube. Then you can share this video on Twitter and Facebook.

Fantasy: Enact part of the book. Consider getting real actors, directors, musicians and set designers involved. It’s a win-win. They are promoting their own work will also promotion you. So what if you don’t have a big budget. They made the entire film of Paranormal Activity for $11,000.  There are great webisodes created for a heck of a lot less than that. Don’t wish for more money. Do the best with what you have.  

Mood or image: Simple streams of images to help build a mood about the project (e.g. horror, sex, romance, intrigue). This can be very inexpensive and easy to do. You may not even need any dialogue if done properly.  Remember sex sells almost anything. Except zombies. Sex and zombies together is just wrong.

I will give some other suggestion in the next article. What are thinks you've done that worked to help promote your book?


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