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Monday, April 8, 2013

Viral Marketing Checklist - Surprise Your Audience


Do Something Unexpected

If you want your campaign to go viral you MUST do something the audience does not expect. Think about "Gangam Style" or "What the Fox" says for a moment. I know that may hurt your brain, but it is a perfect example of the power of viral marketing.  People watched and LOVED this video because it was something very unexpected. Funny and weird.

Do not simply copy the videos below. Throwing your book in a blender or singing your version of Call Me Maybe is not going to work.  A few weeks ago, however, your version of Harlem Shake might. 

  • If you write about vampires, walk down the street with a video camera. Ask random strangers what they think about vampires. Post to your blog and YouTube
  • If you write erotica, walk into your local adult store. Interview staff and customers
  • If you write mystery, investigate cold cases or profile famous murder cases in your area
I'm doing a documentary on the Windsor Hum. It's something that is local to where I live. It's a real-life case of creepiness and Big Business interfering with regular people.

  1. Watch the videos below
  2. Watch for the moments you laugh or smile.
  3. Relate those moments to something YOU can do.

20 Best Viral Videos of 2012 including my favorite at #5.

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