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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Viral Marketing Checklist - Five Types of Videos You Should Have on YouTube

One smart thing writers can do, but most don't, is incorporate video into their social media. Placing videos on your blog or linking to them on your twitter account is easy. And effective.
So what kind of videos should you do? Consider doing a book trailer but, honestly, everyone else is doing that, too. It will not help you stand out unless it is unexpectedly good. Instead, try filming some of the following if you want to go viral:
  1. having fun with friends
  2. giving movie/book reviews (of other people's work)
  3. talking about your own writing process
  4. talking about how you come up with ideas
  5. reading from your books or poetry
One last thing you can try is aimed at non-fiction writers and those whose fiction is based on real-world events. Speak with other experts on the subject matter your book discusses. In essence, you can create your own TV show. People like TV.

For example, take a look a video I did on the state of book review.

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