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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Viral Marketing Checklist - Comments Are Our Fan Letters


If someone takes the time to comment on your blog or respond to one of your tweets, respond. Thank them. These types of comments are as close as many of us will come to fan mail.

The real use of a viral marketing campaign is to build or strengthen the relationship between you, your product and your customers. For writers, your customers are people who read what you write.

After a long day of working at your day job, writing, editing or whatever else keeps you busy, you may not FEEL like responding. Tough. Suck it up.  If you want to be a professional, then treat your fans with respect.

You can even turn this into another viral marketing campain. Consider responding to comments by video. You could also consider responding to emails/comments like Joe Konrath does (Joe Answers Your Questions).  This turns responding to comments into a media event. Very smart.

If you are truly too busy to respond to comments, consider shifting your priorities. For any small business owner (which is what you are), ensuring your customers are happy is more important than anything.


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  1. You have really given a very good list of books and necessary requirement for one to have a understanding of Marketing

    1. Thanks for the compliment. If there are any others you can recommend, please forward them and I'll add them to the site.


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