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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who's Responsible for the Windsor Hum? The Illuminati?

Need to stop researching The Windsor Hum for a bit. U.S. Steel is tied to weird vibrational hums not just in Windsor but in Pennsylvania...which just so happens to be the headquarters of U.S. Steel. A little digging shows that several board of director members are swapped in and out of U.S. Steel and Heinz. Weird eh? Not when you realize that both companies are owned, by the same shareholders.

Who are they? Vanguard Group and BlackRockEquity are among the majority shareholders. So who are they? A quick internet search reveals (deep breath) they are rumoured members of Bilderberg Group,and the Trilateral Commission. In other words, the Illumnati.

Research is taking me to a place I never expected. I think this story goes deeper than the surface. It also helps to explain why nothing is being done to stop the noise. Forget the Illuminati nonsense for a minute. Look at what these people own. You'll soon realize they have more than enough money to buy the silence and inactivity of our politicians.

Now to focus on something that doesn't make me sound like a crazy person.

Link: Who Are the Vanguard Group?

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