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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review - Grave Encounters

If you like horror that makes you afraid of the dark and won’t let you sleep at night, you will love this movie.  It is a true successor to the first Blair Witch project.

To be clear, the trailer for Grave Encounters sucks. It’s cliché and devoid of the real terror you will feel once you’re in the film.  A friend brought it over for an early Halloween party and he normally has good taste. Last year he brought Trick or Treat which was also amazing.  I couldn’t sleep after watching Grave Encounters. It feels real which doesn’t happen in most found footage horror.

So will you like this movie? Well, if your version of a horror experience is Hostel or Saw, you probably won’t like it. I loved the first Saw and the second Hostel but neither of them really scared me. Grave encounters did. 

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