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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts - Writers Block

Recently we had a meeting of Poet Laureates from around Canada in town.  During the question and answer period, an elderly woman asked the Poet Laureate of Windsor, Marty Gervais, how he dealt with writer's block.

His answer was simple.

Writer's block is nothing but laziness. Half the crowd responded with thundering applause. I'm guessing that was the half that were actual writers.

So what's my excuse for not writing more? Apparently I'm too happy. My life is so bloody perfect on nearly every level you wouldn't believe it. And maybe that's the problem. Creatively anyway. It's no secret that sometimes artists who are emotionally distraught create amazing pieces of work. And sometimes when their lives are settled they produce crap.

I mean look at Clive Barker. The man is happily married with kids now and what does he put out? Nothing. At least not like the old days. Don't get me wrong. I will take a happy life over producing art ANY DAY.

But these books aren't going to write themselves.

For More on Marty Gervais: Marty Gervais Poet Laureate Windsor, Ontario

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