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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I'm On The Fence About Book Trailers

I love movies. I mean, I really, really love movies. So if you show me a trailer for anything I'll give it a shot.

Unfortunately, most book trailers I've seen are complete crap. And that's me being nice.

So I googled "How to Make a Book Trailer". It is informative and well-intentioned; however, it is also extremely visually unappealing. That means that many people are not even going to make it past the first few seconds.

I checked out a few other "How To" videos but they were even worse than this one.

I belong to a closed group on Facebook that focused on marketing for writers. One of the members proudly stated her book trailer was on this site: ScribeTrailer.Com. It's a complete train-wreck. I fully support the idea of filming within your budget. However, do not throw together a few crayon-drawn pictures and expect anyone to take you seriously. The least you could do is photoshop the colour. It's doable. For example, here's a scan of a picture I did.  I started with pencil, inked it in the coloured with pencil crayon.  After than I scanned it and improved the colour using a non-full-version of Adobe Photoshop. It is nowhere near professional comic book artist level...but at least it looks like I tried!

I have seen some good book trailers, like this for example:

After having seen SOOOO MANY bad book trailers I really need my faith restored.  Can you please send me links to good book trailers.  You can include your own, of course. I just need examples of trailers done well.


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