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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 Fears that Stop Writers Writing (comment on Writer's Digest Post)

Janna Malamud Smith
(An Absorbing Errand)

I recently signed up for Writers Digest. The first article I read was called "Three Fears That Stop Writers from Writing". I'll link to it below.

The Article is written by Janna Malamud Smith based on her new book An Absorbing Errand 

After reading the article I realized I couldn't relate to any of them.

1. Fear of Being Seen

My fear is NOT being seen. I'd hate to think I'm doing all this work and no one will ever notice. 

2. Fear of Being Humiliate

Embarrassment and the fear of being humiliated is a very powerful de-railer. For me, however, it comes with the territory. I would love nothing better than a ton of horrible reviews...because that would mean people have read my book and feel it is worthy of being reviewed. I'm much more afraid of indifference and apathy. Think about how many people hate and ridicule Stephanie Meyer. I could only hope to be that despised. Every author who has made a living at the craft has critics that despise them. So please, try to humiliate me. I'll take it as a sign that I'm heading in the right direction.

2. Fear of Aloneness

I'll be honest: 15 years ago I did struggle with this. I actually ended a relationship because I never had time to write. I quickly realized I was an idiot but by then it was too late. Then I started to worry I would never find love again. After all, how can you be happy and creative at the same time. 

Stupid, self-indulgent artsy-stuff. Of course you can be happy and creative. Now I do not fear being alone. I have a wonderful relationship but I crave more and more time alone. If I don't have time to myself I kind of implode.

So, since I have none of these fears, there should be no reason not to write. I definitely have the drive and the ambition. And, starting this week,I finally have the time to actually do the work.
Please comment below. Do you suffer from any of these fears?

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