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Friday, October 4, 2013

Echo's Song - Song Lyrics Based on a Character in Council of Peacocks by Aaron Gillis

I was able to coerce some good friends of mine, musicians, to write a song based on one of my favorite characters in my novel Council of Peacocks. They're still ironing out the music but I thought I would share the lyrics with you.

Working Title - Echo's Song

And it's hard to keep your head up
To keep your lips from trembling near the cup
To know that your love won't be returned
To live your life preparing to be burned

She thinks about when she was young
Slow of mind and quick of tongue
She should have known better than this
Life can't be based on a kiss

Wishes are made on stars
And love is built on scars
Sometimes those stars are sateliites
Sometimes scars make love right

The places she's seen have changed her
And her memories become a blur
She's worried she remembers things wrong
The blurriness makes her feel less strong

Repeat Chorus


Regrets come packaged with love
They are not something to be disposed of
They help make us the people we are
We need to accept the people we are

Repeat Chorus

Outro: Repeat X 8
Wishes made on satellites still make me feel alright

Copyright 2013 Aaron Gillis.
Follow him on twitter here: Aaron Gillis

In my dream cast of a movie, Emelia Clarke would play Echo. I would love to see her a bit more kick ass on Game of Thrones. I also think she's a much better brunette than a blonde. But what do I know.

Emelia Clarke


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