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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review - The Nightlife: New York

Damn you Travis Luedke. Thanks to you I did not sleep tonight.

I woke up at 1:00 and settled into the last half of The Nightlife: New York. It was so much fun I could not stop. And now it`s 4:41. I`m debating getting The Nightlife: Las Vegas or heading to bed.

A young man, Aaron, meets a sexy vampire named Michelle. After Aaron is mortally wounded Michelle turns him into a vampire to save his life. Hijinks ensue.

The Nightlife: New York is a very solid, fun vampire novel. This is not the scary vampire type of David Wellington nor do these vampires sparkle. What they do is fulfil every fantasy you`ve ever had about wanting to be a vampire. And who hasn`t wanted to be a vampire at some point.

The sex scenes are super hot. You`ll probably need a cold shower or someone to help you work off tension. That`s how good they are. There is also a superhero origin element to add to the fun. The climaxes (no pun intended) of the story also hint at how brutal and violent the vampires can be.

There is also a moment where I had a vampire epiphany. Everyone knows vampires are cool; this book made me realize why they are cool.

At the beginning of Chapter 15 Aaron states:

There is then a few paragraphs where, intended by the author or not, I got very existential. People love vampires because they are not stuck in this rat-race of a life we all seem trapped in. As apex-predators they are, literally, above it all. This type of vampire novel speaks to the part of us that wants to be free, to explore the things we are not supposed to.

My only quibble about the novel is the French.  It sounds like phrases plugged into Google Translate. I tried to rationalize that Michelle was speaking an older form of French because she is over 80 years old. Still, I was taught Parisian French and I speak a bastardized Quebecois French. To my ears, the intermittent phrases Michelle uses do not feel authentic. Having said that, if you don't speak French you won't notice anything amiss.

If you like sexy vampires (or if you like sex or vampires) you will enjoy this book. I'm definitely looking forward to their next adventure.

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