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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dream Cast for Council of Peacocks

Casting actors in the role of book characters is tricky. Part of the description is on the page but a large part of it is left to the mind of the reader. I did not write the story with any actors in mind. Having said that, if I knew a movie was being made of Council of Peacocks and I could pick and choose the actors, here are my choices:


Josh is young, thing and wiry. He's the pretty boy no one suspects is dangerous. What they don't know is his father works for the Canadian Secret Service and has spent the last several years training Josh in martial arts, fire arms, and survival skills. He's also part-demon with telekinetic powers. In the first book, his powers are limited. However, by the second book, Beyond the Black Sea, he can create impenetrable telekinetic armor and all sorts of fun stuff.

Lucas Till is known for playing Alex Summers (a.k.a Havok) in the X-men movies. He has the nice balance of danger hidden beneath a thin veneer of vulnerability. He's not just a pretty face. Lucas can act and would do justice to the role.


Source: Beyond Black and White

Wisdom is an immortal with mysterious powers. As a child, he was kidnapped by a djinn and transported to a fire elemental plane. He spent millenia as slave surrounded by magic. Over the last two thousand years on Earth, he has used his powers to gain riches. But it's not enough. When you are as old as Wisdom, you need a cause. He's made the training of the half-demon children (called Anomalies) and the destruction of the Council of Peacocks his cause. 

Peter Mensah is perfect. Whenever he walks on screen I get nervous. He's big, with a scary amount of intensity. He looks like the sort of man demons would fear.


Echo is the strongest person Wisdom has ever known. She was born before the Roman empire. For centuries Wisdom tried to break her; he was never successful. In the end, she broke him.  Wisdom does not realize how much she means to him until he loses her. 

Emilia Clarke is perfect. I mean not just for the role. Just perfect. I'm completely gay but come on! She's jaw-dropping, heart-breakingly beautiful. As we've seen on Game of Thrones and will soon see in the new Terminator, she also has the soul of a warrior.


Lyndsy Fornseca as Garnet

Garnet is, like Josh, half-demon. However, she's had years to perfect her abilities. She's a powerful pyrokinetic with some degree of telepathy. Working with Wisdom has made her hard but she is not as strong as she'd like you to believe.


Lauren Holden
Elaine is 100% human but that doesn't make her less dangerous. She's head of Wisdom's security. I like to think of her as Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 (minus the tinge of madness). 

While I wasn't always a big fan of Andrea's decisions of the Walking Dead, there's no question that Lauren Holden is amazing. She's tough as nails but still completely feminine. She will shoot you dead without blinking but it doesn't take much to see her humanity.


Propates is the Big Bad in this novel. He's the head of the Council of Peacocks and has a very volatile relationship with the others. Wisdom rescued Propates from a life of poverty during the height of the Roman empire. Well, he kidnapped him, slaughtered his family and saved him from poverty if we're being technical. Over the years Wisdom became less ruthless; Propates became more.

Dominic Cooper works because he has a smarmy charm. Propates truly believes he's acting in the best interest of the planet. I want him to be likeable even as he plots the mass murder of millions.


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