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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: The Nightlife: Paris & Why I Literally Screamed at the End

Synopsis (From Amazon)

Vampire master Michelle, and her slave, Aaron Pilan, leave the heartbreak of Vegas for a new start in Paris. Aaron’s mistakes in Vegas make him question everything he knows about Michelle, and the prospect of a long, lonely future with her.

Michelle answers his demands by opening her heart and soul to him. Their minds intertwine and Aaron relives her dark, gritty tale of survival in the ravages of war-torn Paris under the German occupation.

But they are not alone in Paris. An investigator has shadowed them from Vegas, seeking the unique gifts of Michelle’s blood. He hunts the vampires, attacking them at their most vulnerable time. Michelle and Aaron face death and worse – separation.

The Good

The Nightlife: Paris is the third book in a series focused on vampires Aaron Pilan and Michelle. It is, by far, the best written of the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books. The third blew my mind.

It grabbed me from the first page. However, makes The Nightlife: Paris so engaging is the reveal of Michelle's back story. Luedke changes Point of View to first person. We see the world through Michelle's eyes as she meets the monster who turns her into a vampire. Her past mixes brutality and hope, violation and eroticism. We see Michelle's humanity and monstrosity. We pity her, cheer for her, and scream at her for bad decisions.

Hyperbole drives me mental. I hate reading reviews like "Best book ever written" and "Just as Good as Tolkien."  I don't believe them. However, I realized halfway through The Nightlife: Paris that this was indeed one of the best written vampire books I've ever read. I have no problem putting it side by side with Interview with a Vampire and I Am Legend. It truly is that good.

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The Bad

When I finished reading The Nightlife: Paris I LITERALLY screamed. I was having so much fun with the book I couldn't believe it was over. The new book is scheduled for release in September. That's too far away for my liking.


Buy this book and read it. Buy it now.

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