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My Brief Bio

Joseph Murphy was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He earned his geekdom at an early age. He read X-Men comics from the age of 8 and it only went downhill from there. As a teenager he wrote short stories and wanted to be the next Stephen King. Instead of horror, however, he kept writing fantasy stories. After surviving high school as a goth with a purple mohawk, he studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor.

He previously worked for Ellysian Press, first as their inhouse cover art designer. Over time he became and editor and eventually publisher.

Joseph left Ellysian Press in 2022 to refocus on his books. Joseph was recently fired from his day job in Ontario Canada for speaking out about antiblack racism.

He's currently working on his first documentary. ALIEN BRAIN FOG is a lighthearted look at how gaslighting, biochemistry and Long Covid intersect with memory, racism and self identity. Alien Brain Fog will also explore the implicit difficulties in being sure that what you know is actually the truth.


JULY 2013

Published first novel, Council of Peacocks to positive reviews.



Published A Fallen Hero Rises which, with very little marketing, quickly outsold Council of Peacocks.


JUNE 2014 

Published Beyond the Black Sea, Book 2 in The Activation Series.



Published Demons of DunDegore, Book 2 in the Sword of Kassandra Series.



Council of Peacocks included in The Shadow Box - a successful box set of 10 dark urban fantasy authors (including New York Times and USA Today best seller, Travis Luedke). The limited-time deal hit several Amazon best-sellers lists.


SUMMER  2015

Joseph hired as head book cover designer at Ellysian Press


SEPT 2015

Publication date of Terra Incognita, Book 3 in The Activation Series.


DEC 2015

An original story featuring in The Dark Dozen, an anthology of horror stories to help raise money for the health card costs of Al Scarborough. The story is a prequel to A Fallen Hero Rises but is aimed at adult audiences.


MARCH 2016

Publication date of Are You Watching Me? This was his first non-fantasy thriller and features a sex addict who becomes the target of a serial killer. Aimed at adult audiences.



Joseph promoted to partner and editor at Ellysian Press.



Publication date of 2nd edition of Are You Watching Me? to address the similarities between the first edition and the Bruce McArthur murders in Toronto.



Joseph leaves Ellysian Press to refocus on his writing.


APRIL 2023

Announcement Trailer for Alien Brain Fog





SEPT 2023

10th Anniversary Edition of Council of Peacocks. Special edition with study guide. More details later summer 2023.


FEB 2024

Updated editions of A Fallen Hero Rises and Demons of DunDegore series with additional maps, character bios, illustrations and more bonus material.



Scheduled release date for all three episodes of Alien Brain Fog.







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